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Welcome to the Site Selection Network of the National Association of Manufacturers.

Site Selection Network First Annual Networking Conference
February 20 – 22, 2007
The Venetian Hotel
Las Vegas, Nevada

Put these dates on your calendar now!! Network with leading industry executives in the fields of Biotechnology, Medical Device Manufacturing, Aerospace, Electronics, Manufacturing and Commercial Real Estate. Find out from the nation’s top site selection consultants what they look for in a community that REALLY makes the deciding difference in being selected or passed over by a relocating company. Want to be a more effective economic developer? Find out why some people generate great leads at trade shows and others go home empty. What is effective advertising and what isn’t for your area? What are the four most important elements a relocating manufacturer looks for in a new community?

And, of course, The Venetian in Las Vegas. And what would Venice be without the opera? Join us for the final night of the conference for dinner and exclusive limited engagement of Andrew Lloyd Weber’s “The Phantom of the Opera”!

Due to the unique one-on-one networking format of this conference attendance is limited to 150 attendees. Preference will be given to Site Selection Network members. Register for this exciting event by clicking here (PDF file).

New Partnership for Site Selection Network

The Medical Device Manufacturers Association (MDMA) and the Site Selection Network (SNN) have reached an agreement to provide free site selection consulting services to members of the MDMA through the resources of the SSN. This exclusive agreement allows MDMA members to confidentially enter information about upcoming site searches for new office, manufacturing, distribution and research operations in both the United States and Canada. Read more...

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